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Server Rules

Server Rules  

Admin Rules 

A ) You may not openly insult, berate, or 'verbally' abuse any Wurm Online Team member via any method. 

B ) You will obey any directive or instruction given by a Game Master. 

C ) You may not deliberately supply members with false information. 

D ) You may never impersonate any Admin. 

Punishment: You may be warned or banned based on the situation.  Breaking rule D will be punished much more severely. 




Naming of accounts, deeds, or items  

A ) You may not use any name that conflicts with chat rules 

B ) Names must not violate the rights of any individual or company, nor be used to impersonate any public figure. 

Punishment:  Violation may result in loss of deed, items. 




Definition: A macro is any software/hardware that automates the sending of actions to the game  server without user interaction and is not permitted. 

A ) Key locking (IE weighing down a key on your keyboard) is not permitted. 

B ) Multiboxing (automated sending of actions to more than one client at the same time) is not permitted. 

Attendance required: 

Make sure to attend your game session when performing actions. If you use keybinds and send actions that finish often, make sure that your actions have desired effect before starting a new queue in case you watch TV or do something similar that steals your attention. When performing actions that you start more seldom and take a long time to finish (such as fishing or training shields) you still need to verify that you have a valid target now and then when starting the action which should be no problem. In case we notice that you are not attending the game and express prolonged robotic behavior where your actions have no effect you risk being banned for automated play. This will of course not happen when playing normally or being afk. You also have to make sure to respond to any popup questions that may occur due to such perceived automation. 


Punishment: First offence - Permanent avatar ban.  Second offence - Loss of all avatars/accounts and permanent ip ban. 

 - Penalties for macro abuse may be applied at any time pending GM review, even if you have discontinued abusing a macro at time of penalty. 

 - Use of the 'G' keys on a G series keyboard, mouse, or other similar product is permitted to send multiple actions simultaneously (without any default, built-in, or added delay timings) in order to fill your in game ACTION QUEUE provided you do NOT use any sort of repeat function. 




* Obvious abuse of any exploit, bug or other method of gaining skill/items/coin that is not as intended. (macros are covered by the rule above) 

* Sniffing game communication data, trying to hack the server. 

* Using any tool that directly interacts with the client to enhance game play. 

* Most client mods are okay. Macros and bots are definitely not, including the Client Helper Mod, or a fast-click mouse (Auto clickers). Anything that automates your play so you don’t have to be right there clicking every time is not allowed on this server. 

* ESP client mod is not allowed. 

* Connecting to the server with anything other than the official client. 

Punishment: Varies on a case by case bases including permanent ban and loss of skills. 

 - In the specific case of champion point exploitation all avatars involved will be banned and their deeds disbanded. 

Bugs & Exploits 

If you find an exploitable bug, you are required to report it to /support.  

A ) Non-exploitable bugs should always be reported in the Maintenance Buildings section of our forums. 

B ) Exploitable bugs should be reported to a Game Master via the /support ticket system in game. 

C ) PVP activity will not be interrupted by Game Master's unless a bug is deemed critical or game breaking by multiple GM's 

D ) Game Masters will not respond to /support tickets concerning PVP activity that they are participating in on their player avatars. 


If you are affected by a bug that prevents your ability to play on your avatar, or you have lost items or skills, contact /support in game.  Game Masters can provide temporary solutions or instructions while the bug is evaluated and submitted to the development team for correction. 



Chat violations  

Chat rules are outlined in this post. 

A ) All public chat channels in game are monitored. 

 - You have the ability to use the /ignore command in game to block private communication with others. 


Punishment: Warnings and Mutes will vary by case and excessive violations or deliberate violations will result in bans. 

Forum violations 

Forum rules are outlined in this post. 

Punishment: Warning or posting restrictions up to a forum ban based on case.  Excessive or deliberate violations will lead to game avatar ban. 





Griefing on servers is very simple, no defamation of character (insulting their race, gender, creed, nationality or sexuality). 

Punishment: You may be given a directive, warned, or even banned based on the situation. 


Disruptive Player behaviour  

Punishment: You may be given a directive, warned, or even banned based on the situation. 



A ) Harassment such as, defamation of character (insulting their race, gender, creed, nationality or sexuality) is not permitted. 

B ) Continuous emoting harass others is not permitted. 

C ) Continuous spamming of trade or request windows to harass is not permitted. 

Punishment: You may be warned, or banned based on the situation. 



A ) Lockpicking anything that does not belong to you is not permitted. 

Punishment: You may be warned, or banned based on the situation. 


KoS (Kill on Sight) 

A ) Deeds retain the right to use the reputation system as needed, except when in violation of Highway rules. 

B ) You must have a one tile allowance between deed edge and any gates that will lock when your village alarm is sounded. 

C ) You must allow anyone set on KoS to leave your deed. 


Punishment: You may be given a directive, warned, or even banned based on the situation. 



Highway is defined as a paved terrain connecting two or more waystones together via catseyes. 


Highway Rules: 

A ) You may not intentionally disable an active highway connection by removing the catseyes without rerouting or replacing them promptly . 

    1> Deeds retain the right to disconnect from the highway system by removal of their waystone and any deactivated catseyes on their deed and perimeter. 

Punishment: You may be given a directive, warned, or even banned based on the situation. 


Heritage Sites 

A Heritage site is any location deemed by the Game Masters to be of significant value to the community.  Heritage sites will be posted with GM Signs. 


Heritage Site Rules 

A ) You may not alter any heritage site without Game Master consent. (Heritage sites will be posted with GM signs) 


Punishment: You may be warned or banned based on the situation. 



Play Nice Or We Will Rip Your Heart Out (griefing) 

Definition: Activities that are not constructive and with deliberate intent to do harm to others. 

A ) You may not block access to deeds, merchants, or structures not belonging to you. 

B ) You may not call guards to kill penned animals on deeds you are not a citizen of. (They ain't hurting you!) 

C ) You may not steal deeds from the original mayor or residing citizens. 

 - resident citizens on democratic deeds may vote a new mayor for any reason. 

D ) You may not intentionally create player traps. (i.e. Using siege shields to trap other players) 


Punishment: You may be given a directive, warned, or even banned based on the situation. 


Abandoned vehicles 

Abandoned vehicles are those that have been left in such places that constitute a problem to playability such as abandonment on deed.  Abandoned vehicles may be brought to the attention of a Game Master.  The GM will move the vehicle to a sufficient distance from the deed after confirming that the owner is not active. 

Chat Rules 



Definition: Inflammatory or off-topic messages intended to provoke other members into a desired emotional response or to otherwise disrupt chat. 

A ) You may not post to purposely disrupt chat in any way or by using such actions as excessive trolling or derailing. 

- Excessive is defined as more than one instance in a short period of time, or in such a way to be annoying to most players. 

B ) You may not post with the sole intent of upsetting other players or staff, or to cause unrest. 

C ) You may not post excessive shouting(caps) or Ascii art. 



Definition: Systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions, including threats and demands. 

A ) You may not harass (sexually or otherwise), verbally abuse, threaten, berate, flame, or cause unwanted distress to anyone. 




A ) You may not use sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language. 

- This includes workarounds, symbols, links, misspelling, and text within images. 

B ) You may not use images, videos, names, or avatars unsuitable for a young audience, or which would be likely to cause offense. 

 - This includes pornography, obscene imagery, racially offensive imagery, imagery symbolic of themes which would cause offense, or images that contain inappropriate text. 

C ) You may not discuss, post items or links on religion, pornography, illegal drugs or the abuse of such drugs, game exploits, macros, or disallowed game practices as per the game rules. 

D ) You may not use the chat system to sell or advertise digital asset keys(i.e. Steam keys*), products which are illegal, or market any products. 


CA Help 

A ) The "CA Help" chat channel is for players that have game questions for the CA (Community Assistant) team to answer.  CA staff control the channel and players will abide by any directive issued by a CA as to the use and conduct on that channel.  Failure to abide by any such directive may result in a penalty being issued. 




A ) You must use English when speaking in public chats, Kingdom chat, CA Help, and when making support calls. If you cannot use English, we suggest the use of a translator. 

B ) You may never impersonate any other user and you may certainly not impersonate any admin of the server, or falsely suggest that you are staff. 


Server Listings & Advertisement 

You must not advertise other servers or ask members to join other wurm unlimited servers. 

Punishment: You may be warned, or banned based on the situation. 


Challenging Moderation 

A ) You should never challenge admins actions in public. 

 - All challenges relating to admin action should be sent privately to the moderator in question. If a satisfactory solution cannot be achieved then post your concerns to the Admin. 


Important Notes 

-The ignore feature should be used at anytime you do not wish to receive messages from another player, and is your primary personal control of your own private messages. Be sure to close any open private messages you may have active with the person you place on ignore. You will not receive text posted by someone on your personal ignore list. The command to ignore is /ignore <playername> You must never mute or ignore a server admin or Game Master. 

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