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 Beautiful Custom 4096x4096  Map!
24/7 Dedicated Server
Max Players 250
 PVE With PVP Zones!
 Portal Hub
 Action Rate 4x
 Skill Rate 5x
Crop Growth Rate 24hr
 Max Deed Size = 101x101

Deeds:  Free Starter Deed! 
 Upkeep : Disabled
21.0 Body Control - Ride A Horse!

Deed Name Change Price Reduced

Iron Spawn Rates Increased!

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6th Apr AdminWhiteKnight commented on the event Boat Race!
Because no one has clicked attending the boat race will be postponed again..
14th Feb MemberRavenna made a donation of 5.00 USD
11th Dec 2018 ModGenconia uploaded photos to the gallery Build Event Entry
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